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Windows Essentials

Windows Essentials 16.4.3503.0728

Microsoft's essential apps to get you started

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  • Vicky Mistri

    by Vicky Mistri

    Window essential very best software.
    Window essential very best software and video editing make v
    Pros: vid...   More

  • Jay Kobe

    by Jay Kobe

    Please, improve the version of this and it is set in French..
    Why the language set in French? Please, set it in ...   More

  • Lizzy Johnson

    by Lizzy Johnson

    Not in English.
    This is not an English version of Windows Essentials. Can't understand enough of the language to...   More

  • Sune Skovmand

    by Sune Skovmand

    My download is in french, but the full package was there..
    I dont know why it's in french, but the full package ...   More

  • Carol Winder

    by Carol Winder

    In french and would not complete install, not a good thing .
    Pros: software download that wor...   More

  • Allen Wood

    by Allen Wood

    not installing!!.
    will not install...... almost complete, then restarts, over and over.....   More

  • John Hough

    by John Hough

    Website is not user friendly..
    Each time I download from this website it downloads in the wrong language and doe...   More

  • by Anonymous

    Says it's in English but the installer is in French.
    Says it's in English but the installer is in French with no...   More

  • by Anonymous

    Keeps on repeating during installation.
    I see windows essentials 2012 has pretty good and superb to use but the ...   More